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Computer Repairs? Let Mr. PC Handle It

Anywhere in the world, computer repairs are a necessity. Here in Australia, a lot of the working class constantly tune up their computers or laptops because evidently, computers are the most used gadget next to smartphones. Nowadays, people transact most of their business through the internet. We even learn how to cook, buy our clothes, pay our bills, and a lot of other stuff are processed through the internet. We can totally say that we have our lives revolving around the internet (come on, we are hypocrites if we answer no).

Here at Mr. PC, we know that your computers are like family. Don't worry we offer laptop repairs too. There are a lot of things that we could do using our laptops and computers, in fact we could even earn money from it. Mr. PC is not only an IT company, we actually give actual solutions to home and small to medium sized businesses.

We understand that computer repairs are rocket science, so we handle every PC and laptop with utmost care. A lot of people may understand a little about laptop repair, so we make sure that we don't only give a solution to the problem but we inform our clients what we did to fix their PC or laptop. Anywhere else, computers are running and humming each and every day so we really understand how it feels to have a faulty or a broken computer.


We deliver quick and credible on-site technical support and solutions. We understand that technology is constantly evolving and we need to offer our clients cost-effective solutions for their laptop repair problems. Even the smallest problems like installing an antivirus or changing your Wifi password can be efficiently handled by Mr. PC.

Old folks at home should also get properly informed and educated regarding computers so that they could get a slight grasp of what is going on. Since the advent of computers during the 20th century, a lot of processes, production, and organizing has evolved. Computer repairs have also gone to a higher level since people have been upgrading their computers bit by bit every chance they get. The more advanced the computer, the more advanced the treatment it gets once it will be at risk of not working properly. Here at Mr. PC, we assure you that computer repairs are handled professionally. We want our clients to get the best of what they pay for.

Most computer repair centers do not really elaborate much on how the fix your laptop or PC. Here at Mr. PC, we are breaking barriers in order for our clients to have the know-how in each and every thing we do to their computers. We establish trust and assure our clients that we don't only provide them with advanced IT solutions, we also allow them to trust us.

Since most businesses are run using a laptop or a computer, here at Mr. PC we share your vision of future growth and ensure that the solutions we provide are concurrent with the ever changing world of technology. Even computer geeks still need help in maintaining and running their computers. Oftentimes, issues with the software are more prevalent than hardware issues.

Especially for home computers, sometimes you just got to press the wrong keys and get caught up in programs you know a little about. This actually happens when you have kids at home that are just too fond of "typing" on the keyboard. Don't worry we will certainly help you with that. We actually have a 24 hour emergency service for those times that are really critical, and if you really need your computer to function normally as soon as possible. We also have a pickup and delivery service which allows us to pick up your faulty computer or laptop and have it fixed on our workshop then delivered back to you safely and working.

Here at Mr. PC, our experience is not what matters but our consistency in giving professional, prompt, and friendly service to our customers. Because we know most people would go for that instead of opting for expensive and unprofessional service. Most of business people have little time and a little margin of error for issues with their computers or laptops, so just sit back and leave your gadgets with us. With our home service feature, we come to your house or office and fix your computer while you wait.


Mr. PC can help you with any of these: Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal, Computer Upgrades, New Computer set-up, Internet Security, Data Recovery, Computer Tune-up, Broadband Internet setup and Wireless Network set-up and a lot more. Our commitment to rendering favorable service makes us well-known in Melbourne. Our crew of trained professionals are highly mobile and will be available anywhere you want them to be and anytime you are having issues with your computer.

If you feel that your laptop or PC doesn’t run like it used to, don’t hesitate to call us. If it is kind of sluggish and takes a lot of time to start up, has a lot of pop-ups that are quite unnecessary especially while you are working, and basically just doesn’t run like it used to; get hold of your phone and dial 1300- 377- 284. Let us handle your laptop repair or computer repair issues, right in the comforts of your own home and making you feel in the know about it. We will talk to you using the simplest terms possible so we will have common ground. We also have our Mr. PC helpdesk to assist you with any inquiries and issues when it seems that your location is a bit far flung or if you have a vast knowledge with computers and the likes. You will be having real time support for any issues your computer is having, but you need to have a working internet for this service.

At Mr. PC, we provide every solution to your computer repair needs. Visit to see all of our cost effective services.