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Tips Before Resorting to Mac Repairs


When in comes to Mac repairs, many people are twice with who to trust. Maybe it's because Apple devices are quite pricey and people are hesitant in getting their Mac's tinkered on. Apple products are usually a little expensive compared to other devices, but they are the ones with difficult to resolve issues. Sometimes if you have just migrated from Windows to Mac, you will encounter a number of issues too. Using a Mac is generally easy-breezy and trouble free but things can go a little wrong sometimes especially software wise.


There are times that your Mac could not print anything. Usually, this is caused by hardware printer issues or driver issues. But if your Mac is the one causing the problem, we could help you diagnose it and resetting your printing system. It's actually pretty simple, all you have to do is go into your Print and Fax System Preference, right click on the printer list and choose Reset Printing System.


At times, password problems are what gets Mac users irate. If you forgot your OS X password, all you have to do is to haul out your OS X install disk, insert it into your Mac and restart holding down the C button. Select your language of choice, then in the menu bar, select Utilities, then reset password.


Sometimes, hardware issues may ensue like having a DVD or any disk stuck in the drive which won't come out even when you press eject. The trick here is to restart your Mac and hold down the primary button on your mouse or if you are on a Macbook, you can use the trackpad button; and by start up the disk should eject.

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Sometimes, your Mac might also have a problem recognizing other devices plugged into one of the USB ports. With this issue, you should first check if your Mac's firmware is up to date by checking Software update and the Apple Support Downloads page ( and install any firmware updates that you find compatible for the model of your Mac. If nothing happens after doing this, turn off your Mac, unplug the power cable, disconnect all peripherals and let it sit for 2-5 minutes. After this, plug it back in, reconnect the keyboard and mouse, turn it back on and try the USB ports once more.


Here at Mr. PC, we do this and a lot more. Are you looking for a reliable group of people to trust your Mac and other devices with? Mr. PC is here for you. We will help you identify what type of Mac device you own since it could sometimes be a challenge. There are a myriad of Mac devices like MacBook Pros, MacBooks, iBooks, PowerBooks, iMacs, Mac Minis or Mac Pros; and they actually have a tendency to look the same. The main difference they have from one another would be their internal hardware.


Here at Mr. PC we could actually integrate your iOS systems with your already existing Microsoft. We could also do it the other way around by integrating Windows devices to your existing Mac network, or by simply migrating your personal computer from Windows to Mac.


Mr. Pc is the haven for those of you folks who are in a rush of having their devices fixed. We are the closest solution that you could get if you are a busy person because of our fast turn around times on our Mac repairs. As one of the leading authorized services centers and service providers in Melbourne, the Mr. PC team is ready to provide the best maintenance and support for your Apple devices.

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For Mac repairs, our team of competitive technicians are ready to help you get your Mac up and running. Here at Mr. PC, we give you an initial diagnosis to make you understand why your Mac is not behaving well, in the first place. We can do a quick diagnosis on the software and the hardware parts of the device.


We do Mac repairs ranging from screen repairs, motherboard repairs, water damage repairs, Time Capsule backups and we also do latest OS upgrades. And since we are your on call, one stop computer repair shop, we can come to you and set up all your Mac devices in the comforts of your own home. We can perform tasks ranging from but not limited to data recovery, boot camp, sync issues, OS X servers, and virus removals since Apple devices are becoming more and more susceptible to viruses.   


We could also help you sort out warranty issues, unlike any other Mac repairs in Melbourne. It doesn't matter where you purchased your device, we got you covered.Not to mention we have a flexible payment scheme for those devices that are already beyond warranty. Mac repairs in Melbourne are becoming more accessible because of our 24 hour service. Here at Mr. PC, we clearly understand that you guys need your laptops and Macs working all the time so we are offering a 24 hour emergency service for those critical times, all you have to do is call us at 1300-377-284.


We also offer pickup and delivery services, which works this way: we pick up your defective Mac or any device and have it revived in our fully equipped headquarters then we can deliver it back to you safely. We live by our commitment and we assure you of benefiting from a personalized approach to IT support and maintenance. We do not limit our technical knowledge when it comes to providing a complete all around solution for all problems you face in this ever evolving era of technology.


For laptop repairs in Melbourne, a lot of promising companies are slowly paving their way to the top. But Mr. PC does not only give promises, we fix your devices right under your nose. We could also do home servicing for your Mac and other devices and you get to see what our tech guys are doing with your gadgets. They are also making sure that you fully understand what they are doing with your priced possessions by talking to you about it while using simple, terms.