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Cloud Backup Solutions

Offsite cloud backup solutions – No more on-premises data storage risks

Your data is like the fuel that your organisation runs on. And when your tank is suddenly empty or leaking, the downtime is inevitable unless you have a plan B. In a nutshell, this is what offsite cloud backups are for. They are your company’s alternative plan of action if something goes wrong with your primary storage or on-premises server.

At Mr. PC, we can work out this plan B for your organisation with our offsite cloud backup services plus a disaster recovery strategy. Your data can always be kept safe and accessed anytime, no matter what happens on the site.

Cloud server backups for the ultimate offsite protection

With our offsite backups, the copy of your data is stored in a well-protected cloud environment. We continuously take care of its maintenance as part of the business IT support Mr. PC provides to small companies and startups in Australia.

If you choose to have your data backed up with Mr. PC, your backup strategy will include:

  • AES-256 encrypted backups (depending on your plan)
  • up to unlimited storage with a 3-month retention policy (depending on your plan)
  • monthly backup testing with reports
  • direct access to your data

From encryption to offsite cloud backup storage, we won’t leave even a bit of your data to chance. We’ll also check your backups for integrity and recoverability to make sure you can get unaltered copies whenever you need them.

cloud backup solutions

Restore your backups with ease

Offsite backups are a breeze to restore. If your data is unavailable due to a natural calamity, primary storage hardware crash or some ransomware attack, you can use the recovery option to keep your business on track. This option allows you to retrieve fresh and clean data backed up within 24 hours of a disaster event. So in the worst-case scenario, you may only lose data generated within the last 24 hours.

Just like when we send your backups to the cloud, we can retrieve a critical copy on short notice, allowing you to:

  • restore your servers using an offsite backup
  • access a remote backup system
  • implement a failover plan to keep your systems up and running
  • cushion the disastrous impact on your business processes with no data being lost

Select your ideal offsite backup plan

Mr. PC can set up offsite cloud backups for Australia-based companies and bring a disaster recovery option into their data protection strategies. We have several plans for our offsite solutions that vary by encryption methods, storage and more. But they all include backups that are configured for quarterly restoration and testing.
For more information on Mr. PC’s plans for offsite cloud backups for businesses, call us at 1300 377 284 or request a callback.


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