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Data Recovery Services


Did you drop your laptop, or external hard drive?

Or maybe you just can't seem to access your critical data on that hard drive you use to backup on?


Recover your files, even after physical harm

When fire, water, or other physical damage has caused data loss, and when it seems that there is no hope left of you getting access to those files, think again! MrPC is here to help.

We are able to provide first-class data recovery services.

We can assist with, and are not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • External hard drive data recovery
  • Internal hard drive data recovery
  • Data recovery on Mac’s, and Mac formatted drives
  • Server data recovery
  • RAID data recovery
  • Physically damaged drive data recovery
  • Logical drive data recovery

If the above descriptions fit your situation, feel free to give us a call, or drop in, so we can evaluate your hard drive (or other storage device) at our workshop. We will then provide you with an evaluation report and a cost estimate. Then, you can choose whether data recovery may or may not be a feasible option for you. However, one thing is for sure, If MrPC can’t retrieve it, it can't be retrieved!
To get started, simply contact us.


Disaster Backup Solutions


MrPC offer comprehensive disaster backup solutions, incorporating industry-leading software with industry-leading backup media and techniques, to provide the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient solution for yourself or your business.

Tried, tested, and repeatedly successful techniques include:

  • ONSITE backup solutions with daily OFFSITE drive rotation (this ensures, that even if a disaster happens to your workplace, a copy of your server and data is taken home with you nightly).
  • OFFSITE cloud backup solutions backing up to our dedicated data server from as low as $27 per month.
  • Full redundancy server options for when time is critical.

Altaro Hyper-V Backup Product

Altaro Hyper-V Backup is an easy to use, fast and powerful backup solution built for Microsoft Hyper-V and offers unbeatable value. There’s no need to get into complex configurations - Altaro know Hyper-V inside out so you don't have to.
Altaro Hyper-V Backup offers you most of the features found in enterprise products at a fraction of the price. A few of its capabilities at a glance:

  • Make live backups with zero downtime (leveraging VSS Hyper-V Writer)
  • Save VM backups offsite, boosted by WAN Acceleration
  • Restore individual emails from your Exchange VM backups
  • Back up Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Remotely manage all VM backup/restore jobs across your Hyper-V hosts from a central console

Don't take our word for it – Take it for a spin! Download your copy of Altaro Hyper-V backup now and enjoy unlimited functionality for 30 days. After your 30-day trial expires, you can continue using the product for up to 2 VMs for free, forever - No catch.

For more information on features and pricing, please visit the Altaro Hyper-V website 

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