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9 Ways to Make Your Old Computer Run Faster

Old stuff are always reliable and reliable stuff are usually old. When anybody could be thrilled about unboxing new stuff, there is still this profound mystery when you get to keep your old stuff and still have it working despite of it being old. When it comes to computers, there are always going to be…
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Computer Repairs Melbourne: Why Mr. PC?

If you're looking for computer repairs in Melbourne, Mr. PC is one of the best in the area. For people who own a small or a huge scale business, making sure that their computers are in tip-top shape is their priority. Everybody is "computer dependent" nowadays, so it means that computers are slowly being integrated…
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Computer Repairs – Preparation (Infographics)

Ever wondered how to prepare before having a computer repair? To give you a clear and concise view of this process better check out this infographics:   If your computer really matters a lot to you, you would take the necessary steps in ensuring that your valued possession is always at its optimal level.  …
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Tips Before Resorting to Mac Repairs

  When in comes to Mac repairs, many people are twice with who to trust. Maybe it's because Apple devices are quite pricey and people are hesitant in getting their Mac's tinkered on. Apple products are usually a little expensive compared to other devices, but they are the ones with difficult to resolve issues. Sometimes…
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How To Protect Your Computer

Nowadays there are a lot of technology evolving around us, and because of this you must learn how to protect your computer internally and externally. Like us humans, computers are virtually complex systems that could either deteriorate or get optimized through time. Protecting your computer is not really rocket science and could be done by…
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Computer Repairs: How to Prepare for the Inevitable

These days, computer repairs can be done almost everywhere and anywhere and by anyone, of course. However, the risks of your computer getting into a much worse condition is also the main reason why you are having second thoughts. It's obvious that we are always in front of our computers getting a variety of stuff…
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4 Ways to Prevent Computer Crashes

Your laptop computer is your pseudo-bestfriend and it can accomplish virtually anything you want it to accomplish. But like your human best friend, your computer could get tired too. As much as possible, we don't want our computers to bail on us so we need to prevent it from crashing.   Avoid overheating by constantly…
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Where to Find the Best Laptop Repair Melbourne- Based Shop

Most laptop repair Melbourne based shops are only offering limited services. People in Australia (and all over the world) are very dependent on their laptops because most of their transactions, whether business or school related are done using it.  Backpacking tourists are usually bringing their laptops wherever they are because they are probably using it…
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Computer Repairs Melbourne: Are you Ready for It?

Nowadays, people go crazy over their computers, computer repairs Melbourne based are getting numerous people go crazy on which one to choose. But of course they would most likely opt for something that could give them everything. In Australia and basically all over the world, there are a lot of computers or laptop that are…
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Computer Repairs? Let Mr. PC Handle It

Anywhere in the world, computer repairs are a necessity. Here in Australia, a lot of the working class constantly tune up their computers or laptops because evidently, computers are the most used gadget next to smartphones. Nowadays, people transact most of their business through the internet. We even learn how to cook, buy our clothes,…
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