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Computer Health and Safety Tips

Don’t let your computer become the equivalent of an overly tired two- year old toddler — switch it off occasionally and then let it wake up refreshed and ready for action.


Computer  Playing Up? Restart it!

Everyone needs a rest now and then, and your computer is no different. Left on all the time, the poor thing doesn’t get a chance to give itself a little check-up when it restarts.


Monthly Massage

Defragment your hard drive (Windows PCs only).
Mr.PC strongly recommends Defraging Hard Disk Drives only and NOT Solid State Drives (SSD).

Don’t be taken in by your computer’s sleek lines and smooth good looks — inside they can be messy little devils. Left to their own devices they drop bits of data all over their hard drives, making it harder to find that really important file when you need it in a hurry. Defragmenting your hard disk forces your computer to tidy up so that things can be found faster next time. Less time, less stress.


Delete Temporary Files

Ever lived with a hoarder?

You’ll never believe the amount of rubbish your little box of electronic marvels can stash away. All it does is get in the way, using up space you’d rather use for nice things like pictures, music and other files. Windows has a built-in “Disk Cleanup” utility that will clean out these redundant files quickly, easily and quite safely.

If you are unsure if a file or type of file should be deleted, our technicians are excellent judges of character and will let you know whether or not a file should be left alone.


Get Rid of Those Unused Applications

Have a good spring clean to chuck out all those things that seemed like such a great idea at the time but never get used. A bit like that Ab-buster gathering dust in the shed. All they do is take up space and slow down your computer. If you don’t use it, lose it. Sometimes removing programs can cause unexpected side-effects so if in doubt, get that nice technician to have a look at this on their next visit.

Do these two things and you’ll end up with a slimmer, trimmer and happier computer (hey, we all hate those love handles).


Yearly Checkup

You wouldn’t want to miss your anniversary. So for the sake of long term happiness why not surprise your computer with a bit of pampering every year. You don’t want just anyone laying hands on your beloved gadgetry. Mr. PC strongly recommends that you get one of our fully qualified technician once a year to give your computer a spring clean and tune-up.


Don’t forget to book in your annual check-up with your favourite Mr. PC technician.