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Malware & Virus Removal Services Melbourne

Have a computer virus or malware problem?

Our Melbourne and Sydney based teams are experts in malware and virus removal. We are highly experienced in removing any threats or problems that may affect your day-to-day productivity and your general PC experience, regardless of how malicious they may seem.

Our services can include:

  • virus removal
  • spyware removal
  • adware removal
  • and a whole host of malware removal services depending on your situation.


Laptop Virus Removal

Does your laptop have any of the following problems:

  • alerts prompting you to buy anti-virus software
  • excessive pop up messages
  • slow loading software and applications
  • unexpected crashes and freezing
  • unusual error messages

If you are experiencing any of the above, then there is a good chance that your laptop has been infected with spyware or malware. Give us a call and we'll put you on to one of our expert technicians.


Mobile Virus Removal Melbourne & Sydney

More importantly, we can come to you to diagnose your computer issues and restore your computer to optimal conditions.


virus removal

After the removal of viruses and perhaps malware/adware, MrPC can suggest a security plan, tailored exactly to the duties you may perform on your computer, to prevent it from ever happening again. This keeps your computer efficient, your personal data safe and provides peace of mind for the individual.



  • Virus removal of all levels and Windows platforms
  • Virus removal of all levels on Mac platforms (Mac viruses are becoming more and more prevalent).
  • Internet Security solutions for proactive/preventative measures.
  • Anti-virus software for proactive/preventative measures.
  • A backup strategy to ensure your data is never lost, regardless of what may arise!



***Important if you ever encounter any ransomware requesting money DO NOT PAY as this is ransomware***

This is fairly malicious and well written virus, which attempts to hold the computer owner to ransom, claiming you have to pay 100 Euro via funds transfer/UKash to regain use of your computer again.

This may, or may not, hijack your webcam also in an effort to persuade the user of its legitimacy. MrPC can have this virus and all associated remnants of it removed in no-time, ensuring the integrity of your personal data whilst also offering a permanent solution to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Please be aware of company’s claiming to be from Microsoft wanting remote access to your computer. Microsoft will NEVER call you, and NEVER ask for any personal details, let alone access to your PC. You should immediately decline any offer similar to the above, and report it to the relevant authorities.

Based on the same premise as the above AFP virus, this virus infects and encrypts all the data on the computer with a password then it is held for ransom unless a fee is paid. MrPC can decrypt the password for the encrypted data, however, this takes time.

In worst case situations, it can be done, but the best solution is always being proactive, and that is regularly backing up your critical and personal data. Feel free to give us a call if you need advising on how to go about this, or perhaps need a tailored solution provided to you.

Last, but certainly not the least or least-widespread, is ANY SOFTWARE that requests you to pay a fee to have your computer cleaned/optimised/registry cleaned. These are tasks that can be performed without paying a random fee to a non-legitimate software vendor.


Minor virus infections can be removed with the following recommended software.*
*Please note these are removal tools not prevention tools, these tools can cause harm to your system if not use correctly MrPC takes no responsibility or liability to systems or data lose.

Using any of the listed software is at own risk:

  • SuperAntiSpyware
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows XP – 7), Windows Defender (Windows 8).
  • Spybot – Search and Destroy


Virus removal Melbourne


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