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Cryptolocker Virus (Ransomware)

Virus removal

A particularly malicious and clever virus, the cryptolocker virus encrypts your computers files and typically is followed by a “ransom” demand from the criminals who utilise this particular virus. The team at Mr. PC is highly experienced in cryptolocker virus removal and recovering your files.

It is critical to have up-to date antivirus and backups to be best defended yourself.

We have a specialty in decrypting files when all else fails.

It is highly important to turn off your computer as soon as you suspect and see encrypted files, this virus will usually show a ransom page once it’s finished encrypting.

We do not recommend paying the Ransom as there are reports saying they got their data back but in our experience it has been a 100% failure rate.

Common Virus E-mail Formats

The Cryptolocker usually comes via spam email’s and have lately been targeting people by using these major companies as a cover. Please double check the actual email address of these emails and remember never click on a link inside and email.

  • AGL
  • AusPost
  • AFP
  • Facebook
  • FedEX

Please contact us today if you have been affected and we can work with you toward the steps in insuring you can retrieve your data or protecting it from future attacks.

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