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Helpful Hints

Unable To Print?

Switch off your computer and printer.
Check that all cables are securely connected.
Check ink / toner.
Print heads may need cleaning.
Check that correct printer is selected on your preferences / options.
For any printer related problems, we can take a look at the problem either at your premises or our workshop.

Clicking Noises Coming From Computer Case / Computer Freezes at Times?

Often this is the first sign that your hard disk has developed a fault.
Can cause complete failure of the drive, therefore rendering the computer completely unusable.
Back up your important data immediately (data should be backed up regularly regardless of problems or not).
We can back up your data, replace Hard Disk Drives and transfer data back to your new drive (providing the files can be accessed).

Computer Powers Up But No Image On Display?

Could be due to a failed component inside the computer such as memory or video/graphics card.
No image and no beeping sounds could be due to either the CPU or main board failing.
We can diagnose and replace failed components or sell you a complete new system custom built to your needs.

Loud Noise Coming From Inside Your Computer But Everything Still Works OK?

This problem could be due to cooling fans in your computer failing or brushing against something. Cooling fans can be found in CPU, Power Supply unit and Video/Graphics cards.
Computers also need to be serviced regularly to eliminate build up of dust within the components that can cause overheating and inevitably damage to your computer.
Whatever the situation we can diagnose the cause of the problem and undertake the necessary service.

No Lights Appear On My Computer And There Are No Humming Or Beeping Sounds Either?

This usually indicates a failed Power Supply Unit but it could also be a simple cable problem.
We can supply and install replacement Power Supply Units either on site or in our workshop.

Does Your Computer Start Up But No Image On The Monitor?

This hardware problem could be a result of your Monitor, Power Supply or Video Graphics Card failing.
We can supply you with any hardware component necessary either on site or at our workshop.

Important Notes:

Do not open computer cases. You may knock a Hard Disk Drive connector and therefore loosen connections.

If you Install / Uninstall software or delete any files you may sometimes damage files that are critical to the running of the operating system.

Be aware though the above points are guides. As you may well know computers have multiple hardware and software components and there may be no single cause to a symptom.

These days we are also faced with many software problems like Viruses, Trojans and Spyware that could cause a huge problem to your system if not fixed. Antivirus software can only protect your system so much.

We look forward to working with you. As we worry about your IT issues, you can concentrate more on the running of your business.