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Fix your laptop in the repair service centre trusted by thousands of clients

Laptop Repairs

We live in the technological era, and it explains our close connection with gadgets. Everything from calls and transactions to video playing can be effortlessly made with a laptop or smartphone. Technologies improve all aspects of our life, simplifying the routine processes. And because most of the things we do are done using a computer, it is not acceptable that our money-maker and our all-around processing tool should get dysfunctional. The feeling when you need to accomplish numerous tasks and your PC does not run is nothing but horrible. And we're here to prevent it. You can always rely on the Mr. PC service centre to repair your laptop quickly and efficiently. We're the market-leading company attracting numerous clients all around Australia. People trust us to repair their electronics as our reputation speaks volumes.

Laptop Repairs


Drop at the Mr. PC maintenance shop to repair a laptop in Melbourne

When applying to the Mr. PC company, you can expect to be provided with flexible solutions and reasonable rates. It all starts with a consultation. We thoroughly examine the existing issue and think over the possible solutions. And if it appeared that we have no option to fix the existing issue, our consultation will be at zero cost for you. 

Our expert technicians work with both Windows and Apple devices, providing prompt and effective solutions. At Mr. PC, we prove that fixing MAC computers and laptops is not time-consuming and expensive. In contrast to the official Apple Stores, we fix any complexity issues at a blistering pace, providing budget-saving rates. Trust your gadget to Mr. PC's qualified technicians and get a cheap laptop fix in the wink of an eye.

Here is the list of services you'll be provided at our laptop repair service centre: 

  • screen repairs
  • time capsule backups
  • motherboard repairs
  • water damage repairs
  • the latest OS upgrades

We put our client's comfort first. That is why you can always call up our support to make an on-site laptop repair or set up. Getting everything working is Mr. PC's area of strength, and issues like virus removal, boot camp, data recovery, and OSX servers are all under our control.

laptop Repair

What makes the Mr. PC maintenance shop stand out from other laptop repair service centres?

When it comes to computer repairs, Mr. PC is your safest bet. We have meticulous care for each case, doing our best to offer the best fixing solutions. Only a few people have a clear-cut idea of computer repair. That is why one of our missions is to educate clients on what we do to fix their PC.

Broken Laptop Screen

Thanks to our client-oriented service, up-to-the-minute equipment, and the ability to tackle different complexity issues, we continue keeping our leadership position on the market of electronics repair services. There are only a few cheap places to fix laptops in Melbourne, and the Mr. PC repair shop is definitely one of them. We strive to keep our rates affordable to help as many people as possible without ruining their budgets. We believe that every person should get their money's worth. That is why we offer a flat workshop rate for computer and laptop repairs. If the electronic device's repairs exceed the originally quoted sum, our pros will never move forward unless allowed. With us, you can fix your laptop with no hidden or excess charges.