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Mac Hardware Repair Melbourne

Don’t let the name fool you -  We do Mac Repairs!

MrPC can handle any Mac Hardware repairs you can throw at us!

Our technicians are as proficient with Mac’s as we are with PC’s. There is no need for you to wait around in an Apple Store or book an appointment we can help you out immediately.

We offer repairs across most of Apple’s catalog including Macbook Pro’s, Macbook Air’s, iMac’s, iPhones and iPad’s.

mac repairs


Our Mac Hardware Repairs include:

  • HDD/SSD/CPU Fan/Memory/DVD Drive/Graphics Card Replacement or
  • Upgrade
  • Screen Repair & Replacement
  • Logic Board Repairs
  • Network/Wifi Card Repair & Replacement
  • Charging Port Repair & Replacement
  • Faulty Cable Replacement
  • Adapter/Charger Repair & Replacement
  • Trackpad/Keypad Repair & Replacement

Our Mac experience and services are not limited to what’s been listed above.

If you have an issue you’re unsure of please give us a call and we can advise you on a solution. Our technicians are happy to tackle any issue your Apple product may be having!