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Macbook Water Damage Repair Melbourne

Macbook Water & Liquid Damage Repair

In need of Macbook water damage repair?
Have you spilt water or liquid over your Macbook?

Don't panic! We Can Save your Macbook.

1.Turn Off Your Macbook - Don't Turn On Your Macbook.

2. Contact Us ASAP

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Even if you have spilt beer, wine, coffee or even soup on your Macbook we can save it. We have saved hundreds of Macbooks and laptops that have suffered water or liquid damage.

The first thing you should do is to turn off your MacBook and leave it off. Turning it on will likely cause more issues or further damage. Also, do not put your Mac on charge.


Corrosion Is The Problem - You Need To Act Fast

It's not the initial liquid or water that causes damage, but the corrosion that occurs days after. However, you need to act fast. Acidity is really the main concern.

If you have spilt wine, beer or orange juice on your Macbook, then you really need to act fast. A liquid with a high acidity level will quickly corrode the metal, silicone and fiberglass components of your Macbook's logic board.

macbook water damage repair

CALL - 1300 377 284

The quicker you call us, the less likely the spill will cause permanent damage to your Mac. And the less you'll pay in repairs. Once corrosion takes hold, parts of the logic board will need to be replaced.


Macbook Water Damage Repair - What We Do

We strip down and clean the parts of your Macbook, before the water or liquid does any serious damage.


macbook water damage repair Melbourne

What if I have left it too late?

If you spilt water or a liquid on your Macbook several days ago and your Macbook is now not turning on, we can still help. Our MrPC tech's can repair logical boards at chip level, replace parts and retrieve lost data.

For all other repairs go to our Mac Repairs Melbourne page.

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