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Mr PC Vic – Medical IT Support Experts

Over the past few decades, advancements in Information Technology have helped health care providers improve the quality of their service to patients, particularly in the areas of information and communication. Among the most notable initiatives related to this field are Canada's Health Infoway, the United Kingdom's National Programme for Information Technology, and Australia's HealthConnect and National e-Health Transition Authority programmes.

Medical IT support provides a variety of benefits for health care professionals and institutions and even patients. These include increased efficiency and improved quality in the delivery of services, reduced operation and administrative costs, and security of patient information.

Experts in this field are predicting increased investments in the following key areas:

  • Hospital patient administration systems or PAS
  • Logistics systems, specifically in the management of drugs and medical supplies
  • Information transfer to facilitate continuity of care
  • Pathology, radiology and pharmacy information systems

But despite the benefits of these initiatives, there are several issues that health care professionals and their patients must hurdle in order to fully reap and take advantage of the aforementioned benefits. These include financial, institutional and social problems.

Medical IT Support Melbourne

Mr PC, a medical IT support Melbourne based company, helps health care practitioners with the implementation and maintenance of electronic health records, e-prescription, and the facilitation of information sharing among doctors and other health care practitioners.

Here at Mr PC Vic, we offer our extensive knowledge of the latest medical support software like Genie Solutions and Dental for Windows to help health care professionals elevate the level of service they give to their patients. Our suite of services include:

  • Fit-outs for new practices;
  • Support and upgrades for existing practices;
  • Servers and workstations;
  • Remote access servers or terminal servers;
  • VPN tunnels and Firewalls for improved security;
  • Onsite and offsite back-up strategies;
  • Redundancy offsite systems;
  • VoIP phone systems;
  • And network infrastructure deployment and support.

Doctors and dentists can bank on our extensive experience in providing IT support to a wide variety of small- and medium-scale enterprises. Our philosophy is built on the idea of providing fast and reliable onsite support and expert advice on the latest technologies that will allow them to reduce downtime, save money and improve the level of service provided to their patients.

Our approach is personalised IT support and maintenance tailored to your unique vision for long-term growth while taking into account the constant evolution in the field of Information Technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can utilise our expertise.

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