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Virtual Desktop

Mr. PC virtual desktop solutions – Easy to set up and run

Save money running your enterprise applications and managing your company’s IT infrastructure with Mr. PC. We can catapult you beyond the limits of physical environments by setting up virtual desktops for your business needs. They can be configured for all workloads and processes whilst being intuitive and easy to use for your employees.

For your virtual migration, Mr. PC offers hosted desktops, cloud desktops and data centre services. We’ll take you through the configuration process so that you can seamlessly move your business-critical apps and data and reap the biggest virtual rewards.

Say bye to a complex infrastructure with our hosted virtual desktop service

The Mr. PC hosted desktop service can benefit any business struggling to stay agile. From your employees’ perspective, it’s no different from their local office desktops in terms of the files they can access and the software they can run. But unlike physical machines, our hosted solution allows for:

  • remote virtual desktop access on PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices with an enterprise-level BYOD strategy backing it up
  • reduced costs thanks to serverless desktop management and backups without locally used hardware and software
  • insightful budgeting based on user cost forecasting
  • bolstered data security in private cloud storage

Virtual cloud desktop – The safest place for your business data

Our cloud desktop service brings your on-premises operations into a cloud environment. It helps you manage data across various machines, access all files from one point and allocate computing power for every business process.

With the Mr. PC cloud desktop, you’ll get the latest Microsoft software to handle everything from office tasks to messaging. You can also easily integrate this virtual desktop with apps that are pivotal for your enterprise.

Here’s what makes our cloud desktop different:

  • file and data security beefed up with a purpose-built firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam protection and frequent backups
  • scalable computing resources
  • compliance controls across data residency and isolation
  • secured private clouds
  • 7-year data retention
  • user session monitoring
  • data backup reports and failure alerts

Unleash the power of NEXTDC and Vocus data centres

As one of Australia’s most dependable virtual desktop service providers, Mr. PC relies on top-tier enterprise data centres. These are the 530 Collins Vocus facility and the NEXTDC facility in Port Melbourne.

Both data centres ensure 100% uptime, scalability and the highest performance for applications and organisations of all sizes. Most importantly, they use advanced 24/7 access control and security systems, including biometric technology and CCTV cameras.

Whether you want to get started with a hosted desktop, cloud desktop or our data centre services, contact us for a quote. Mr. PC can also advise you on virtual desktop connection requirements and which solution is best for your enterprise during a consultation session.