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Virtual Desktop

Hosted Desktop – Managed Cloud Solutions

The MrPC Virtual Desktop will out-perform any remote server-based solution while providing coverage for every element of the Enterprise IT environment including simple, granular administration from within the client organisation.

Access: Access your Virtual Desktop from anywhere with a simple internet connection

Simple Monthly Cost: Easy to track and forecast monthly (per user) cost and no additional costs

Eliminate Servers: No more servers required in your office – no more capital purchases

Eliminate Backups: No more backup drives, tapes, software required and eliminate the data risks

Devices: Access your Virtual Desktop from any device – PC, Mac, iPad, Android

Extend Device Life: Keep and use existing devices – old or new – PC, Mac, Laptop, Workstation, Tablet etc.

BYOD: Securely Bring-Your-Own-Device – data is not stored locally

Protect Data: Data is kept safe, secure and free of corruption or leak in your Private Cloud

Cloud Desktop

Latest Software: Latest Microsoft Windows and Office versions available to you

Microsoft Exchange: Get the latest Microsoft Exchange 2013

Business Applications: Integrate and access all of your critical business application software

Backup/DR/BC: Built-in backup schedules, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Data Retention: Maintain your data for up to 7 years

Email Archiving: Built-in email archiving

Personal Data Sync: Sync your files to/from local devices automatically

Load Balancing: Ensure the user experience is always optimally balanced across all company servers

Firewall: Built-in Firewall

Anti-Virus: Included Anti-Virus

Anti-Spam: Included Anti-Spam with controllable web interface

Printing: Supported printing for any local printer

Scanning: Supported scanning for any local scanner

Monitoring: Guaranteed optimal user experience – every single user session monitored

Support: Support for users 24/7

DC Sovereignty: Data stored in Enterprise-class Data Centres in Australia only

Cloud Desktop Security

Data security is one of the top priorities for MrPC Desktop. As a customer, you place your faith and trust in us to ensure that we fortify and maintain the border that protects your information within the confines of your segregated corporate profile 100% of the time.

Gateway Security

Spam, Virus, Malware detection and data blocking gateway security policies protect all of our customers at a base level. Multiple levels of Intrusion Prevention are employed within security zones using the most sophisticated threat management infrastructure technologies to guarantee our client platforms are never penetrated.

Data Residency

All MrPC Desktop data resides onshore within Australian borders in controlled top-tier Data Centres. Your data is completely secure and protected by Australian Governance laws.

Data Separation

Using various industry-leading tools from vendors such as Cisco and VMware, MrPC Desktop is able to maintain strict isolation of data from other VMs or groups of VMs using zone technology to connect to storage systems through a network that is segmented and secured.

Private Cloud

All of MrPC Desktop’s customers’ compute resources are completely isolated in their own private cloud. These private clouds are protected by VLANs and routers. By default, there are no ports open facing the Internet and this makes direct penetration(s) impossible.

Citrix traffic is directed through secure, Datacentre-grade routers and firewalls capable of intrusion prevention and security scanning. Citrix sessions are all encrypted in 2048bit SSL tunnels and secured by the Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway. These elements provide completely secured end to end desktop sessions.

Data Centres

MrPC Desktop utilises the services of two of Australia’s premier Data Centre facilities. Architected to be Globally Site Load Balanced, each Data Centre provides strict security compliance policies:

NextDC – Port Melbourne

  • Individual credential checks prior to authorisation.
  • 24 hour, seven day onsite security personnel.
  • Biometric fingerprint security for data centre access.
  • Anti-cloning access card encryption.
  • Secure lifts between floors.
  • Intruder-resistant glass, steel mesh and solid concrete walls.
  • Secure loading dock for deliveries.
  • Extensive coverage of motion sensitive CCTV cameras.
  • Remote monitoring and control of rack access via ONEDC®.
  • Monitoring of news and weather for external security risks.

Vocus DC – 530 Collins

  • Entrance: Secure entry to site
  • Access: 24/7 swipe card access with dual factor biometric authentication
  • CCTV Monitoring: Comprehensive coverage of secure areas and all entry and exits.
  • Building Access: Building dock loading area
  • Rack Security: Access Card Controlled Rack Security


Cloud Desktop - Backup

MrPC Desktop ensures data is protected and available at all times. MrPC Desktop employs native shadow, snapshot and backup elements inherent in the Microsoft Windows/Server platform and the MrPC Desktop Cloud Management platform that removes dependency on 3rd party agents and provides incremental reports on the success of all scheduled backup tasks. Alerts are triggered in the event of any backup failure across all volumes within the MrPC environment.

Scheduled daily snapshots of user data are taken from the primary MrPC Desktop Data Centre and moved across to a secondary (off-site) Data Centre location. The snapshots are retained for a period of 7 days on disk. Weekly backups of user data are taken and retained for a period of 4 weeks (1 month) and monthly backups are retained for 12 months (1 year). Further to this, if selected, backup retention can be extended to 84 months.

The entire MrPC Desktop infrastructure environment is protected against fault. Each element of the infrastructure – including all environment configuration, machine configuration and supporting infrastructure is backed up, replicated and stored in physically separated zones.

DATA CENTRE 1: Primary Data Centre

User Self-serviceable Backups (Previous Versions on File Server Data Drive)

Files Hourly 3 per day for 7 days Taken at 9am, 12pm, 6pm (time can be customised per organisation)
Files Daily 1 per day for 14 days Taken at 6pm
Files Weekly 1 per Sunday for 90 days Taken at 6pm
Files Monthly 1 per month for 10 months Taken at first Sunday at 6pm every month

VM Backups (Domain Joined Windows Server)

Root Disk Weekly 1 per week for 2 weeks Taken in between 9pm to 6am from Friday night to Monday morning
Data Disk Daily 1 per day for 30 days Taken in between 9pm to 6am

VM Backups (Windows Workstation, Non-domain Joined Windows Server and Non-Windows Machine)

Root Disk Weekly 1 per week for 2 weeks Taken in between 9pm to 6am from Friday night to Monday morning
Data Disk Daily 1 per day for 30 days Taken in between 9pm to 6am
Data Disk Monthly 1 per month for 1 year Taken in between 9pm to 6am
Data Disk Yearly 1 per year for 7 years (optional)


DATA CENTRE 2: Secondary Data Centre

Data Drive Backups (Long term retention backups for Domain Joined Windows Server)

Data Drive Weekly 1 per week for 90 days Taken in between 9pm to 6am from Friday night to Monday morning
Data Drive Monthly 1 per month for 12 months Taken in between 9pm to 6am on first weekend of each month
Data Drive Yearly 1 per year for 7 years Taken in between 9pm to 6am on first weekend of December


MrPC- Desktop Pricing

MrPC Desktop

MrPC Virtual Desktop – Individual
(Citrix, RDS, 10GB Storage, Support)
Please contact us for a free full assessment and quote
MrPC Virtual Desktop – Team
(Citrix, RDS, 20GB Storage, Support)
MrPC Virtual Desktop – Corporate
(Citrix, RDS, Office 2013, 20GB Storage, Support)
MS Exchange 2013
(20GB Mailbox Storage, OWA Included)
MS Business Productivity Suite
(20GB Exchange Mailbox, MS Lync, MS SharePoint)
MS Lync 2013
(IM, VC, Meetings – Lync Server Std)
Data/Storage – 12 Month Retention
(Optional File Retention for ‘Individual’)
Data/Storage – 7 Year Retention
(Optional File Retention for ‘Team, Corporate’)
Managed Application Server 2008r2
(Genie, Myob, Dental4 Windows)


MrPC Consulting

Virtual Desktop – Upfront per User Please contact us for a free full assessment and quote
Onsite Engineer (per hour)
Remote Engineer (per hour)