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Data Center Services

Data centre services that are primed for business continuity

Whether you’re here for desktop virtualisation or any other solution to digitally transform your business, get started with a data centre. It’s the behind-the-scenes foundation for colocation and interconnection that can become the catalyst of your success. That’s why Mr. PC partners with leading data centre providers in Australia to help your organisation thrive with rock-solid infrastructure support.

Vocus and NEXTDC data centres excel in computing and flexibility. They are both located in Melbourne and certified to be enterprise-grade facilities with 100% uptime and scalable performance. They also use Global Server Load Balancing so that your data, networks and applications can benefit from the highest resilience.

NEXTDC data centre service provider and its Port Melbourne facility

The NEXTDC data centre in Port Melbourne (M1) is a 15MW-facility sprawling across 6,000 m². It boasts 3,000 in its rack capacity and can adapt to phenomenal power densities, no matter how many virtual desktops you need to run.

NEXTDC’s M1 houses quite a few data centre solutions to help you with your digital transformation smoothly and securely. It’s purpose-built to:

  • Ensure Tier-III uptime. With this data centre, the maximum possible downtime equals a shade over 1 hour per year, backed by N+1 redundancy.
  • Support sustainability. M1 doubles down on carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. The facility has got 5 stars in its NABERS rating and achieves reduced PUE.
  • Deliver scalable performance. NEXTDC’s data centre services shine at scale as an adaptive IT infrastructure hosting environment for any enterprise.
  • Be the epitome of 24/7 security. M1’s security protocols cover every square metre of the data centre, from the loading dock to lifts to exterior walls. The facility uses multi-step authorisation, including biometric identification and access cards with anti-cloning protection. Its security protocols are complemented by NEXTDC’s proprietary risk monitoring systems and CCTV cameras.

Vocus 530 Collins data centre solutions

The Vocus Melbourne data centre is nestled at 530 Collins. It’s a modern facility that offers plenty of rack space for colocation and adaptive infrastructure needs. The data centre is lauded for never-failing uptime, resilience and business continuity.

The Vocus data centre service provider implements a range of risk minimisation and security practices in its 530 Collins facility, including:

  • secure data centre access at the entrance, loading dock and other building level
  • biometric identification
  • controlled access to the rack area
  • swipe card systems.
  • CCTV cameras

Select your go-to data centre with Mr. PC

Both NEXTDC and Vocus are highly trusted data centre providers in Australia. But if you’re in two minds about whether it is M1 or the 530 Collins facility that is best for your organisation, Mr. PC can help you make the right decision. Contact us and get the data centre guidance you need.