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Medical IT Support

Medical & Dental IT Support Melbourne & Sydney

Finding the right dental IT and/or medical IT support partner that can provide the services and infrastructure to ensure your day to day operations run smoothly is much harder than you would expect. There are business IT service providers that offer general IT support, but don't have the experience or expertise to help your medical or dental practice perform to its full potential.


Medical & Dental Support Is What We Do

The staff at MrPC specialise in providing high-level support for many Medical and Dental practices within Victoria and New South Wales at all levels. With our extended knowledge of major medical software such as Genie, Medical Director and Dental for Windows, we provide you with superior service and expert advice on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Our staff can set up your practice from the ground up or troubleshoot any problems that may occur on existing systems, while providing you and your staff all the medical IT assistance you need to keep your practice up to date.


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Specialised MrPC Medical Software Suites.

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The MrPC team can assist with new and existing networks. We can help give you the leading edge in technology by providing the following IT services:

  • Complete fit-outs of new practices.
  • Support and upgrades for existing practices.
  • Supply, deployment, commissioning and decommissioning of new or existing Mac and Windows Servers.
  • Supply and configuration of Remote Access Servers (Terminal Servers), which allow you to work from anywhere in the world, right onto your local business server!
  • VPN (site-to-site secure information tunnels) and Firewall configuration.
  • Comprehensive backup solutions incorporating onsite and offsite copies to ensure your precious medical data is never lost in the event of a disaster.
  • Configuration and support of pathology results downloaders (Argus, Fetch, Alltalk, Healthlinketc).
  • Redundancy offsite systems
  • Facilitation and installation of world-class phone systems and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, in conjunction with our partners Telstra and TPG.
  • All types of general network support.

Our qualified professional and experienced technicians can assist your practice in becoming the envy of all others, feel free to give us a call.

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Dental & Medical IT Support Clients


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Many medical and health institutions these days, from single-physician clinics to large hospitals, have already automated their offices. The computerisation of the administrative portion of running a medical office does a lot in improving service quality, boosting productivity, and increasing profitability. Medical office automation is definitely the cost-effective recourse for any practice that wishes to keep its personnel to a minimum without diminishing efficiency.

Among Australian medical practices, Genie Solutions medical software is the popular option for automating such administrative tasks as scheduling appointments, billing, and general clinic management. The largest provider of medical software in Australia, Genie Solutions is also the source of the medical practice management programme of choice for health professionals in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Comprehensively featured and competitively priced, the Genie Solutions software is available as a standalone programme or a networked application. It works on both Mac OSX and Windows. It also doesn’t matter if a network has a combination of Macs and PCs.

The Genie Solutions software was originally designed by a doctor, but is now backed by a legion of professionals with a background in IT, medical practice, and practice management. The company was established as early as 1995 and has since grown to serve thousands of practices in Australia and abroad. Besides there being offices all over Australia, IT service companies have also extensively studied the software to provide high quality support for their clients that use it.


The Genie Solutions software is very much user-friendly, but offices that use it will definitely require technical support. If you use it for your practice, you’ll want to take advantage of all its features. To get assistance regarding this, you’ll need the help of specialists like MrPC who have expert knowledge of Genie Solutions management.

It provides a fully integrated system for managing appointments, billing and electronic health records, enabling the efficient and systematic access, organisation and archiving of administrative and patient data. Genie is a leading figure in the medical I.T. field in Australia, and along with six other desktop vendors, is selected by the National E-Health Transition Authority to lead the way toward a connected eHealth system in the country.

Upgrading to Genie, however, isn’t a magical formula that will instantly improve everything in your operations overnight. While your team is in the process of integrating I.T. into your systems (and getting used to it), sometimes little issues may come up. These should be directed to trusted experts to provide not only the quick fix, but also the information that will be valuable for the long term.

The right genie solutions support will not only ensure that your critical data are protected and managed but that you also have the opportunity to, later on, recover files — should the need arise.



When it comes to high quality software programmes for your office, one of the best options is Dental for Windows, a product that is proudly Australian-made. It is considered the most advanced purpose-built dental practice management software on the market. Designed by Sydney dentist, Dr. Frank Papadopoulos, it has been around since 1994. Through the years, it has continuously improved and has established itself as a leader in this category. While Dental for Windows primarily caters to dental offices, it contains multi-discipline functionality and can easily be adopted for use in other similar professions (physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.).


The Dental for Windows system is widely used in varying outfits. From private one-dentist practices, to large corporate dental groups, to government clinics, the software has proven itself to be a powerful tool for keeping performance excellent; workflow, smooth; and service, top quality. Its unique features have been instrumental for boosting productivity and growth in dental practices all over Australia and the world.

The D4W programme is scalable from a single PC-based setup to an extensive multisite system with thousands of PCs. It comes with marketing and business development modules, integration capabilities for different devices, as well as many other management, integration, tracking, and reporting modules. It has virtually reduced administrative burdens to almost nil.


With the prevalence of D4W use in the dental industry, it has created a wide need for technical support. Dental for Windows support is provided by IT professionals who have extensive knowledge of the software. Whatever your support needs may be, you want service delivered quickly, efficiently, and professionally. If you want your practice fitted out, you need to get assistance from the right specialists. If your current system needs to be upgraded, backed up, or secured, you need to call in the experts to take care of these technical matters.

Dental practice management programmes are best optimised with an excellent support system, so make sure you call MrOC  when you require assistance with anything related to your D4W software.


Hosting Solutions for all medical software

We have a tailored hosting solution for all medical software, if you are a small clinic and don’t want to burden of an on premises server we can host it in the cloud for you.

  • Never have to worry about backups again with our 7-year data retention policy.
  • Never have to worry about hardware replacement again.
  • Never have to worry about being able to connect for anywhere in the world again

Support will be essential if you’re just starting a practice and need to get your medical network fitted out with the programme. This is also true if you wish to expand, since the system is scalable; you just need to call in tech support to help you adapt it to accommodate more workstations or even more branches.

Navigating the programme is easy, but handling servers, installing upgrades, enabling remote access, applying VPN tunnels and firewalls, strategising a backup plan, and generally managing the entire system infrastructure are definitely tasks that require you to call in tech support.

Not all services that claim knowledge of Genie Solutions can actually provide master support, so make sure that you approach the right company such as MrPC for any of your Genie Solutions software-related needs.

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