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Terms & Conditions

MR PC Advanced IT Solutions (Hillside IT PTY LTD)
ABN 96 159 510 246

1. General

These conditions of trade constitute your agreement to be bound by these terms. Any additional or different terms you stipulate
or state in any communication with us are hereby objected to and will not bind us unless we agree in writing. The signatories
warrant to the company that they have authority and power to bind the Customer to these terms and conditions.
Any dispute arising between the customer and MR PC. shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the state of Victoria
and subject to the jurisdiction of the state. The customer will indemnify MR PC. against, and agree to reimburse MR PC .
for any expenses (including expenses incurred by the MR PC., engaging a solicitor and such expenses to be paid on a
solicitor client basis) it may reasonably incur in recovering or attempting to recover payment from the customer of any amount
which from time to time may be overdue.

2. Data

MR MC., it's agents and it's contractors, will not be liable for the loss, corruption or inability to retrieve data stored on the
Hard Disk Drive/Memory products, computer or laptop.
Repairs to Computer products may result in partial or entire loss, corruption or inability to retrieve data. MR PC. does not
retrieve data for customers and may have to erase data as part of the repair process.
It is important that you backup your data before any repair.

3. Fees and Charges

All repair costs on-site or off-site and any equipment supplied by MR PC. are strictly C.O.D unless otherwise negotiated and
agreed on by both parties. Title of goods remains with MR PC. until payment is received in full. If a special request order is
made by the customer, the customer is legally bound to purchase the product and MR PC must be paid in full for that product.

4. Completion of Job

Equipment not recovered by the client within 60 days of completion or notification to the client, may be sold by MR PC and
applied to recover costs to MR PC without further notification to the client.

5. Repairs

Repairs are limited by the availability of parts and are performed on a best effort basis. Any repair requiring parts will be quoted
prior to the allocation of parts.
If the customer does not proceed with the completion of the repair, our standard fee is still fully payable by the customer.
If a re-visit is required to rectify the problem/defect, the customer is subject to pay the service fee. MR PC may need to take
equipment off-site to complete the repair. Equipment taken off-site for workshop repairs is subject to time delay.

6. Payment Surcharges and Late Payment Fees

A Payment Surcharge of:
1.5% will apply to payment by Visa or MasterCard;
2.5% will apply to payment by American Express; or
Late Payment Fee as below will apply:
The first instance of a Late Payment will incur a $50 Late Payment Fee.
Subsequent Instances of a Late Payment will incur a $250 Late Payment Fee
Penalty Interest
MrPC may, at its discretion, charge Penalty Interest on late Payment at:
1.5% per month calculated daily; or
Using the Reserve Bank of Australia Indicator Lending Rate – F5 for small business small overdrafts plus five per cent (5%). The RBA lending rate schedule can be found at:

7. Warranty

MR PC warrants that, equipment and accessories will be free from defects from the date of purchase and come with a return
to base limited manufacturer’s warranty. New equipment is usually covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, unless
otherwise stated in writing. If the customer requests that MR PC. visit their premises for warranty claims/repairs, the
customer is bound to pay the standard service fee. Replacement parts may either be new or equivalent in performance to new.
Warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance or unauthorised modification or misuse,
or from corruption by either viruses/spyware or alike.